What is the Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique was developed well over 100 years by F.M Alexander in Sydney, Australia. It helps us become aware of our psycho-physical habits in movement and stillness. The conscious awareness that awakens in us through the practice of Alexander Technique reveals the physical, mental and emotional conditioning that is both unconscious and habitual and thereby restricts our ability to fully experience our lives as integrated, joyful, loving and peaceful human beings.

The Alexander Technique helps develop poise by organizing the body by means of the primary control. This is a very specific and subtle relationship between the head, neck and back.

Relieving backpain

The British Medical Journal back pain study shows 85% reduction in back pain through lessons in the Alexander Technique. 579 patients were involved in this multi-center clinical trial, which is one of the few major studies to show significant long-term benefits for patients with chronic non-specific low-back pain. One year after the trial started and following 24 Alexander Technique lessons the number of days in pain fell by 85% compared with the control group. The average number of activities limited by back pain had fallen by 42%.

How can I learn?

Introductory Lecture-Demonstrations are beneficial in learning about and getting a first taste of the Alexander Technique. The way to learn is through private lessons. The work is experiential and done with hands-on by the teacher, and fully clothed. A chair (or meditation cushion), a table & a mirror are all used in a lesson in order to give feedback and assist in learning.


Sumi is living proof that the Alexander Technique works. After the injury to her foot she not only regained normal ...
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Sumi is living proof that the Alexander Technique works. After the injury to her foot she not only regained normal movement, but has also become an exceptional dancer! Sumi is a wonderful Alexander teacher with a profound bodily intelligence that so many lack in this day and age.
I have worked with Sumi for more than two decades.  Lest one thinks biology is ...
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--Miriam Gilbert, Boulder, Colorado
I have worked with Sumi for more than two decades.  Lest one thinks biology is destiny has never experienced the life-changing magic of the Alexander Technique and Sumi Komo as a wise master teacher.  Sumi's teaching invites us to awaken to our deepest selves providing a soft light to see and experience true vitality and health.  This is no traditional teaching where one is preached to, coerced, or judged.  Alexander is a celebration of our real human potential and opens a path to releasing habits to truly "be here now."  Unlike Western modalities, the "fix is not in."  There is no endpoint, but an opening of a river of possibility where each student takes responsibility and learns to navigate waters, rapids, or still, with psycho-physical grace.  Sumi models that patience and grace for herself and her students.  We are always learning and the nurtureing of Sumi helps us discover our best and truest nature.
--Miriam Gilbert, Boulder, Colorado
Sumi Komo has the Magic Touch. A true master of Alexander Technique, Reiki, Yoga, and multiple disciplines, she senses and ...
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Brenda Ladd
Austin, TX
Sumi Komo has the Magic Touch. A true master of Alexander Technique, Reiki, Yoga, and multiple disciplines, she senses and releases energy patterns to help you free your body. From her lifelong experiences and studies, Sumi’s focused understanding and deeply effective energy work provide profound healing. Through her gentle touch, I have experienced freedom in my singing voice and have learned how to release false body perceptions and FREEDOM from habits that cause physical pain. She IS remarkable. I highly recommend experiencing Sumi Komo’s masterful energy healing work for yourself. If you’re lucky enough to study with her, you will have access to deep depths of energy work.
Brenda Ladd
Austin, TX
Alexander Technique Benefits

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective way of learning the Alexander Technique. A one-on-one, hands-on experience helps to enable you to apply the principles of the Technique to your daily activities in the best manner possible. During a lesson, you will gain a better understanding of how to use your body with more ease and efficiency.

Group Classes

Group classes are an excellent way to introduce yourself to the Alexander Technique. Sumi offers regular Introductory Workshops (see calendar in Events). She also works with dance groups, martial arts classes, musical ensembles, and more. Contact Sumi for more details on scheduling and costs.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

This is a 3 year, 1600 hour AmSAT approved teacher training course. The training course is dedicated to preserving the traditional and essential principles of the Alexander Technique, with particular emphasis on exploring the Alexander work as it expands the individual human being in terms of health, well-being, and consciousness.



I highly recommend her work to anyone who is ready for a profound deep healing experience that will change your life and free you up to be the highest version of yourself.

~ Adrienne Cobb, Portland, OR.


Sumi has made a huge difference in my chronic back pain. Her sure hands and clear instructions have allowed me to remember what it feels like to have a “normal” back without pain. What a gift! Before I saw her it was very difficult to find any position that didn’t cause me discomfort. But now I can sit or stand comfortably. I continue to work with her to change my old habits. She has helped me find correct ways of sitting at my desk and in my car, which is extremely helpful! She has a delightful personality. I enjoy being with her and feel like I am in a nurturing environment whenever I see her.

~ Pattie Logan-Olson


Colin Egan and Sumi Komo brought the Alexander technique to Colorado in 1987.
In 1990 they started the 1st AmSat approved training program in Colorado.
They trained and certified the following people from 1990to 1999

  • Maedee Dupres
  • Carol Toensing
  • Mary Misken (partial training at ATI-C)
  • Don Tabor
  • Diann Sichel
  • Gene Gebauer
  • Joanna Minguay
  • Trina Jacobson
    (finished and certified  elsewhere)
  • Chris Schilling ( finished and certified elsewhere)
  • Kathy Goodhew
  • Vicki Rodgers
  • Christy Harris
  • Kris Sutton
  • Nada Diachenko
  • Jill Nackie
  • Victoria Valencia

Sumi Komo,MFA Dance opened the ATMA(R) Centre in 1999 in Austin, Texas and trained the following people between 1999 and 2017:

  • Russ Taylor
  • Ann Bogaev
  • Eliza Thomas
  • Donna Martin
  • James Geraci
  • Lucinda Meredith, DMA
  • Don Jolly
  • Theresa Ford (Waiver Review Process)
  • Anna Jennings
  • Dr.David Snyder
  • Karolina Syrovatkava, DMA
  • Paula Gruber
  • Leah Wellman Stein
  • Alice Moore
  • Brendan Ryan
  • Raine St.Claire
  • Dr.Steven Brennfleck

Now Ms.Komo-Egan is reopening her teacher training course in Colorado in April 2020. Please contact her directly for more information concerning application process. 303.946.0356



  • Watch “Master Class with Marjorie Barlow” on YouTube
    Marjory Barlow was Alexander’s niece, and she taught the work for almost 70 years. Sumi worked with Marjory Barlow doing post-graduate work from 1980-87 in London, England.