I’ve worked with Sumi Komo for over 20 years and have always walked away from sessions with her with greater alignment, clarity and deep healing on a soul level. She is one of the most gifted master healers I have encountered in all the years of my healing work around the world. She has a strong intuition that guides her as she does a profound blend of the Alexander Technique, Jin Shin Jitsu and Cranial Sacral. This past week I had the honor of doing 2 sessions with her and it was life changing. She gently and powerfully guided my body through deep core healing of patterns that were being held in my organs, spine and muscles which had been there for I feel more than just this lifetime. She has an extraordinary healing ability for communicating directly to the nervous system and acting as a medical intuitive/spirit Doctor to move stuck energy and karmic patterns from the physical body, soul, emotions, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is ready for a profound deep healing experience that will change your life and free you up to be the highest version of yourself.