Working with Sumi has been a real game changer for me. For the longest time I have felt uncomfortably contracted and tense, especially in my head, neck, back and hips. Not long ago I realized how much this was impacting my mood and my ability to be relaxed in the world and around others. However, the more I tried to fight this tension and make it go away, the more in-tense it would become. Working with Sumi has completely changed this. It is now obvious to me that freeing up the physical via a shift in consciousness is the single most important thing that affects my sense of well-being. Through sumi’s touch and directives I’m able to slowly get an embodied learning of what this is about. I feel so much more relaxed and able to be myself around others now, which was really my ultimate goal and why I have fallen in love with this work and am grateful for Sumi.