Dear ladies and gentlemen of the Alexander community, and other interested persons:

It is with deep conviction that I write this recommendation of the work of Ms. Sumi Komo, M.A.
I am an organist who has had extensive experience with the Alexander Technique over a period of thirty-five years. I have investigated numerous teachers and many Alexander Training courses. I have had countless lessons and participated in several training courses. I have read the literature on the Alexander Technique exhaustively.

I am thoroughly convinced that it was nothing less than the hand of Providence that led me to Sumi and her work. She is the best teacher I have found, again, after extensive research. I am deeply grateful for and impressed with her fidelity to the work of F. M. Alexander. I have encountered teachers who believe that the Technique has improved since the death of Alexander. I believe this to be a tragic fallacy. Some, if not most, of the teachers and trainers working today, are, to no small extent, doing things which they believe are equal to, if not better than, the procedures and practices set down by the founder of the Technique himself. This is like trying to “improve” on the works of Christ, as if mere mortals knew more about the principles than their brilliant Founder. I believe that the Alexander community generally has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

I believe with Mr. Patrick Macdonald, that Alexander was the only person capable of doing what he did. Those in the Alexander community who believe they are “progressing” beyond the work of Alexander are deluding themselves and cheating their pupils or students, as the case may be. It is time for a return to Alexander’s basics in the training courses.

I find in Sumi Komo a teacher committed fully to the principles set down by the founder of the technique. Moreover, I find her highly skilled at bringing about the results that I am convinced Alexander had in mind. She has made a massive positive difference for me. She is also a person of high integrity, generosity and altruism. I left a fascinating life in Europe and came back to the United States after I realized that, if I wanted the quality of training I was after, I would have to leave Europe. I am moving to Boulder, Colorado for one reason: Sumi Komo.

I give her my highest recommendation as one of the finest and most integrated teachers and trainers living today.