“My name is Ann Arnoult and I am a Pilates Instructor and studio owner and have been a ballet dancer for most of my adult life.
Although I am dancing no longer, I started to have problem with my body from teaching Pilates, specifically from the constant strain of pulling on the springs of the Pilates equipment for numerous hours with my busy schedule. I love teaching Pilates and love my clients and something I was doing which was hidden from my view, was putting a strain on my upper back and specifically my neck and shoulders. I also was having migraine headaches from my neck getting so tight at the end of the week. I was committed to healing my body so I could do my job with grace and ease. Well that has happened since I met Sumi and began doing the Alexander Technique with her. Shortly after beginning my sessions with Sumi I began to notice how much stress I was holding in my body, even just standing throughout the day. She helped me become aware of my holding patterns and I was able to let go of unnecessary muscle tightness in my back, shoulders and neck. At the end of each session with Sumi my neck was free and my body felt more centered and elongated. My shoulder pain went away and my migraines are nearly a thing of the past. Sumi has made a big difference in my life due to her huge commitment to the Alexander technique and its healing art. She is a master of this method and has a great deal to offer many others who are committed to living a life of well being.”