“I have watched Sumi’s unusual gifts of healing demonstrated in her work as an Alexateacher for several years. My lawyer husband was greatly helped by Sumi and was able to avoid rotater cuff surgery. I have a compromised lower back and she has taken most of the pain away and I am still attending lessons with her. I have referred many people to Sumi and they are always deeply grateful and benefited.

I was hesitant about the Alexander work until I met Sumi. I had attended an orientation at the Crossings Retreat Center here in Austin and was not impressed. Because of my years in the field of the healing arts, including my 21 years as a Trustee with the Fetzer Institute as we researched mind-body medicine, I am aware of the stellar training she has been gifted to receive. I am also aware of the many giants she has worked with and for. Such a person as Sumi is to be deeply respected and acknowledged as a teacher and trainer of the healing arts. I appreciate this opportunity to speak on her behalf as her praises are most deserved.”