I have experienced Sumi’s hands on healing over the last 10 years. I still remember the first session. I was having lots of back pain and had been praying and asking my guidance for someone who could do deep energetic work on my body. Someone I knew at the time mentioned a woman who was trained in the Alexander Technique – which I had never heard of. I researched it and knew I needed a session with her. Fast forward a few weeks later and I met her and had my first session. The back pain was gone in ONE session! I was astounded. She taught my body how to sit and stand and walk with proper alignment.

I experienced even deeper energetic work on my body when she put me on the massage table. She intuitively felt where energy was blocked in my body and through her energetic training, was able to help my body let things go that were creating tightness, pain and discomfort. Sumi is more than just an expert Alexander Technique teacher and practitioner. She combines over 40 years of spiritual practices and techniques into her work. I feel that this is what makes her work so effective