I have worked with Sumi for more than two decades.  Lest one thinks biology is destiny has never experienced the life-changing magic of the Alexander Technique and Sumi Komo as a wise master teacher.  Sumi’s teaching invites us to awaken to our deepest selves providing a soft light to see and experience true vitality and health.  This is no traditional teaching where one is preached to, coerced, or judged.  Alexander is a celebration of our real human potential and opens a path to releasing habits to truly “be here now.”  Unlike Western modalities, the “fix is not in.”  There is no endpoint, but an opening of a river of possibility where each student takes responsibility and learns to navigate waters, rapids, or still, with psycho-physical grace.  Sumi models that patience and grace for herself and her students.  We are always learning and the nurtureing of Sumi helps us discover our best and truest nature.