In 2002 I met Sumi Komo, Alexander Technique Master as a referral from Jeff Maitland, Director, Boulder Rolfing Institute.
I experienced a severe spine injury as a 13 year old, as well as, a number neck injuries as an adult. I am a professional drummer, specializing in drum set and percussion.
By January of 2001 I was unable to sit comfortably and hit the drums with out intense pain from my back and neck.
My introduction to Sumi Komo and her healing hands resulted in a dramatic recovery of my neck and back.
Sumi introduced me the Alexander Technique and immediately the pain in my neck ended and over the course of a few months my back pain went away completely. Sumi’s healing work, the Alexander Technique, and reike provided a way to heal my body through conscious awareness and positive action (proper breathing, posture, sitting/standing and walking).
Today, I play drums, ride a bike 10 miles a day, paddle a kayak, and move about freely with joy and confidence.
Sumi Komo is a Master Healer and Dancer and a wonderfully joyful woman!
Thank you so much, Sumi!
—Scott L. French, Drummer in the World | Austin, Texas