It is not an exaggeration to say that this training has changed my life. The power of this work is about so much more than pain and posture. It is about finding an ease and pranic flow within our own body-minds that creates well-being and the capacity to do nearly anything in your life better. For myself, I move better in all the activities I do, think better, and – most importantly for me – feel better. My own body is a resource now. Sumi is a teacher who understands the depth of this work and has a rare blend of the skill and passion to make you realize it. She also integrates so much of the moving arts – be it tai chi, qi gong, yoga, etc – that not only symbiotically enhance “one’s use”, but also have helped me to understand the depth of the work even more. Whether or not someone intends to be a teacher, I recommend this training for the profound possible impact it will have on their life. Receiving individual lessons is great, but it has been my experience that the depth of this work never stops, and a training will bringing you more into the deep potential, as well as the lifelong unfolding it can offer.