Dancing the Body Being awake with Love and Heart full Presence

In this workshop, we will engage with Hand , Heart and Hara. We are learning through the gentle, grounded and graceful energy of the AT to have our feeton the Earth….our Hearts open to each other and our world.

It is an ongoing journey to activate the aligned upward flow in the body that the primary control and the rhythmic pulse of ongoing directions provides.

To explore questions of being present and balanced through mindful movement, Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong..

To move from silent Whispered Ah into sound and AT movement work (created by Sumi) to vowel sounds

To allow gentleness, flow and lightness and freedom of movement

To find the inner meditative intuitive intelligence and breath to open inner space and expand outward through senses to others and into the world.


Sumi Komo has created an original way of working with individuals and groups that can bring conscious awareness and awakened presence into life. Her dedicated study of the Alexander Technique and Zen Buddhism compliments her experience as a professional dancer, athlete and yogi.

As a young person, Sumi had so much energy! She attended Sarah Lawrence College, studying dance, psychology and philosophy. She was a professional dancer, a yogini, a runner, a bicycle racer, and a mountain climber. That full life of activity and movement was brought to a frightening and abrupt halt when she was thrown in front of an NYC subway train … and lived. At the hospital after her accident, some of her toes were amputated from her right foot without her permission! For a dancer what could be more physically, emotionally, and spiritually horrifying, traumatic, and painful? Luckily she had already started twice-weekly Alexander Technique lessons with Sarnell Ogus. She was also teaching yoga and training and teaching at Dance Therapy Center.

After her accident is when she first became interested and involved in trauma work and transpersonal psychotherapy. She used these modalities, along with the teachings and practice of Zen, modern dance and the Alexander Technique to heal herself and recover from such an earth-shattering transformational event. Today she walks normally, dances, choreographs, performs, and teaches dance, yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, and Zen meditation.

Her yet-to-be-published book, Dancing on Sacred Ground, shares more of her journey and discoveries.

Find Sumi on her website at sumikomo.net

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May 18 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


by donation