Introductory Workshops for Alexander Technique and the Movement Arts

$60/workshops or $125 for all 3

Contact to register: or 303-946-0356
Boulder, CO location given after registration.

These workshops focus on the harmonious and deep connection between meditative movement and practices of Yoga, Alexander Technique and Dance .
This is also open to performers: musicians, actors, dancers, singers..
There are 20 teachers of Alexander Technique at Julliard and in colleges and universities all over the world!
You will have the opportunity to learn ways to enhance and develop more ease and grace in whatever you do.


Oct 11 2023


7:00 am - 8:30 pm


$60/workshop or $150 for 3


  • Sumi Komo
    Sumi Komo

    Sumi started studying Ballet as a young girl. She had a teacher who had been in Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.
    Sumi danced through high dancing of time…and started opening up to broader views of consciousness and Movement.
    When she was 16 she went to Sarah Lawrence College where she trained in Modern and Composition and Choreography….and Philosophy and Psychology.

    Bessie Schornberg told her to go to Merce when she graduated! And of course she did.

    She danced in New York with various people in Cunningham lineage…including Carolyn Brown, Mel Wong and others.
    She has taught Cunninghàm technique and Indeterminancy for decades ..and her Choreography won awards in Boulder 30 years ago.
    SHE has an MFA in Dance, Psychology and Sports Medicine…
    And created workshops for dancers called Alexander technique for the Conscious Dancer..which she taught at Colorado Dance Festival in the 1990s.

    She has had her company:
    Komo Danceworks starting in Boulder in 1990.
    in 1998 she want to Austin and started all over.!
    In 2018 she came back here to Boulder to begin yet again and be inspired by mountains and sky and the openness of Boulder Consciousness and Dance..

    Sumi is thrilled to be offering teachings of Cunningham Dance and Alexander at Block 1750!